Heavy snow.

It snowed over 30cm today.
A snowplow came two degrees in the middle of the night.
The sidewalk in front of the shop kept the snow piled up.
I will do my best!!

Photo spot at Arakura

Our guest made Japanese igloo yesterday.
It’s very big,so you can go inside.
Please try and take the picture : )
It’s only for a limited time until the snow melts!!



Snow shoveling at first time in front of Arakura.

They came from Thailand.
He helped with the snow shoveling.
After that they ate Japanese food at our restaurant.
But unfortunately they can’t see the Mt.fuji today.
Please come and see again!!
We are looking forward to seeing you again.
Thank you very much.


Do you know KSAGUMO at Mt. Fuji?

Today’s Mt.Fuji.

There’s a cloud on Mount Fuji.
It shows that the weather is going to be worse.
I think It will be snow tonight.