souvenir from a guest

I got a souvenir from a guest  who came from the Philippines.

It looks like a traditional confectionery.
It was very delicious,so I’m very ha ppy :> !!

Letter from the guest

The guest said that they doesn’t rent a towel.
But it seems to have changed.
Even though there was no staff, they was paying the rental towel fee.
They also gave me a message : ) I am glad!

New menu!!

New menu !!
Waffle with Japanese “KINAKO”roasted soybeans flour cream

It is made from Kinako that came off around here.
It’s very healthy.
Please try Japanese food “Kinako” !


Do you know ‘Nou-Dori’ ?

One of the forms of snow left on the surface of Mt.Fuji, “Agricultural birds”. Japanese calls “Nou-dori”. It appears on the northwest slope from late April to the middle of May, and it is called this because it is in the shape of a bird.

It has been considered as a guide for farmers to start farming operations such as planting rice since long ago in the local area.

Let’s look for it!!