Autumn leaves have also started

I see the Mt.fuji after a long interval.
And it is snow-covered Mount Fuji
So I’m very excited.

Today’s guest said we went to Chureito Pagoda to see sunrise.
Our guesthouse is very close to Chureito Pagoda,so It is very convenient for people who want to see sunrise and sunset.

Autumn leaves have also started.
Please drop in at my store when you come to Chureito Pagoda : )


Do you know “Yumetsukushi”?

We have finished harvesting rice to use our restaurant.
We took time and effort to reduce the amount of agricultural chemicals.
So it’s very delicious!!
Please come to eat : )


We are preparing for the experience now.
This is Maki-zushi(rolling sushi).
It’s not difficult.
These are made by the daughters of elementary school.

Do you want to try making it?
If you’re interested, please give our shop a message.

Experience at Arakura

Fire festival!!

There was a festival today.
The name is Fire festival.
You can walk to this festival from our guest house.
There were few foreigners.
It is held on the same day every year.
It’s the turn that you will come next year : )