Fire festival!!

There was a festival today.
The name is Fire festival.
You can walk to this festival from our guest house.
There were few foreigners.
It is held on the same day every year.
It’s the turn that you will come next year : )

Fujiyoshida tourist map!!

It was completed this map today!
It is a picture taken around here.
It is not only Chureito Pagoda that is attractive.
Why don’t you find a nice place that you only know?

The fireworks!!

The fireworks is held consecutively in this area.

03.Aug: Motosuko

It is held every year on this day.
The collaboration of the lake and the fireworks is the best : ) !!

Shimosengen-jinja Shrine

I went to Shimosengen-jinja Shrine.
You can go to this shrine from Arakura by walking 5 minutes.
It is a traditional historical shrine.
It is also a spiritual place for love.
I’ll tell you how to enjoy this shrine.
If you are interested in it, please come in Arakura.

Umeboshi!! do you know?

Do you know this food?
Umeboshi is a Japanese food traditionally made from the past.
It is very sour and salty.
I love it 😀!! Please try to eat it.

Do you know ‘Nou-Dori’ ?

One of the forms of snow left on the surface of Mt.Fuji, “Agricultural birds”. Japanese calls “Nou-dori”. It appears on the northwest slope from late April to the middle of May, and it is called this because it is in the shape of a bird.

It has been considered as a guide for farmers to start farming operations such as planting rice since long ago in the local area.

Let’s look for it!!