Big snow!!

Yesterday snow has accumulated 25cm.
We went to Chureito Pagoda at yesterday morning.
And went to Arakura Sengen Share at noon.
The snow view is special.
Come to see a special view : )
You can experience snow shoveling now!!

Only today!!

本日 お店の前でピクルス入りのホットサンドと豆乳味噌スープを販売しています!

Chef Hot sandwich Miso soup Menu of Japanese Menu of English

Why don’t you try it?

是非 食べに来てくださいね。

A friend of mine will sell hot sandwich and Western miso soup in front of the shop on 14th Dec.
She makes vegetable pickles, and she’s also miso sommelier. So she’s a specialist about those.
I am looking forward to what kind of goods.

•Pickled Warabi and Tuna Melt Sandwich
•Red Yam Pickles and Cheese Curry Sandwich
•Blueberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich
•Western soy milk miso soup

Hot sandwich Hot sandwich Vegetable pickles

Friend of owner